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In my artworks, I reflect on the spectrum of relations between body, image and space. Most of the time I focus on the minimal narratives based on psychological states and social situations in which issues about negotiation of power, identity and gender are raised. I'm interested in what defines different groups and communities of people, and how people interact as social individuals in relation to a community or social situation, investigating issues about lifestyle and power-structures, class difference and its impact on daily lives. My work serve as expanded tableaus or glimpses of a larger story we never get to know in total. The situations are often reconstructed sets inspired situations from everyday life or/and references to historical artworks.

To explore these media minimal narratives, I prefer to work with materials that are based on organic incredients like, paper, gelatine, paint, proccesed wood, and with industrially manufactured construction materials such as glass, metal or plaster. Since life is an endless university of learning, I'm always looking out for better ways of how to approach my artworks and to convey the message over in easy and simple ways.


The suggestions are that the picture as a whole is a kind of mirror of reality and that even in this most extreme form of stylization, the images are a reflection of my perception.

When you are working in different techniques, you are much less afraid of failure. You kind of half expect it, so therefore you take more risks which makes it more exciting.

In my recent work, I am dealing with present problems, ideas and thoughts that are bypassed by the usual eye.


Since the very dawn of civilization, humankind always tried for progress of development and translation of dreams. A middle person was required to fulfill this need .A visual or performing artist end up to be the right somebody for this purpose. The artist was not just a visualizer. An artist was a shaman, a soothsayer, a counselor, an alchemist, a stylist and a storyteller.

From the beginning of time, art was there to serve and to give manifestation to the spiritual world. Art was the only way the human race could express themselves or get into contact with the spiritual world. My creations are influenced by the way I see the world, the experience in life and what I went through in life to this day. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each art work, my methodology is consistent.



God is a schizophrenic vodoo priest
God is a schizophrenic vodoo priest
Yoba Valombola's artworld
Yoba Valombola's artworld





Art crawling forward

''Live as if you are dying tomorrow and study as if you will live forever''...Gandhi.

Lately I've been busy organizing myself by putting images together for three projects, namely: photo catalogue(only photos taken in motion), sixteen page art catalogue and finally, images of all my artworks. While searching for the best images, I came upon an image that an old friend took sometime ago in Israel. After looking carefully at the image, I realized that I should work more on my project to make it come true. This idea were eating me up alive from inside for almost ten years now, yes, maybe its true that there is two kinds of people with great ideas, the ones that don't execute their ideas, and the ones that do work on their ideas. I hope to be done with all projects and than post some of the good images soon.

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Yoba Valombola art of now

artists create systems
artists create systems
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